Our Commitment to You
As long-time boaters ourselves, we know the risks boaters can be exposed to. That is why we take the time to analyze potential exposure thoroughly before recommending coverage. Once you approach us, it becomes our responsibility to make absolutely certain all possible scenarios have been addressed before a policy is written. That’s a responsibility we take seriously. When you place your trust in us, protecting your family and possessions becomes our first priority.

Beyond the Policy
When was the last time you heard from your insurance agent? When you signed your policy? If so, you’ll find our approach reassuring. As situations change, which they frequently do, it’s important your insurance policies are updated accordingly. To that end, we monitor your policy on a regular basis. We check with you from time-to-time to see if anything has changed – anything we need to revisit. By doing so, we eliminate surprises – like finding out after the fact that your coverage was inadequate.